Hall of Fame

Behold the Triviology champions! The “trivia season” culminates each February, when we celebrate the anniversary of ShanRock’s Triviology at theĀ Clash of The Trivia Titans (defending champions: This Is Us). Here are the winners for the 2019-20 season:


2/18/19: 15th Staff Infection
2/25/19: Irvington Gentlemen’s Militia
3/4/19: Awkward Group Text
3/11/19: Irvington Gentlemen’s Militia
3/18/19: Awkward Group Text
3/25/19: Awkward Group Text
4/1/19: Awkward Group Text
4/8/19: 15th Staff Infection


2/19/19: Jason Statham and Eggs
2/26/19: Police Academy Awards
3/5/19: At Least We Came
3/12/19: Answers Courtesy of Rick Singer
3/19/19: Team Discovery
3/26/19: No trivia due to special event
4/2/19: At Least We Came
4/9/19: Nash Bridges


2/19/19: Facteurs
2/26/19: Facteurs (40 points!)
3/5/19: Drunken Regrets
3/12/19: Drunken Regrets
3/19/19: Sweaty Leather
3/26/19: The Cruzruminators
4/2/19: Cruzruminators
4/9/19: Elbows of Fury


2/19/19: Hot Nude Dads
2/26/19: Helen Keller’s TV
3/5/19: Just the Tip Jar
3/12/19: Rumble Ponies
3/19/19: Mild Wang
3/26/19: No trivia due to special event
4/2/19: ButtSSS
4/9/19: Where Is Uzbecki-Becki-Stan-Stan?


2/19/19: At Least We Came
2/26/19: Porter’s Parents
3/5/19: Porter’s Parents
3/12/19: We Put Pants On for This
3/19/19: Porter’s Parents
3/26/19: Cleopatrick Swayze
4/2/19: The Return of Plus 2 Bonus vs. Goblins
4/9/19: Headbangers Ball


2/20/19: Fluffy Ruffians
2/27/19: Son of Sushi (with a 6-point penalty!!)
3/6/19: Eat Your Feelings
3/13/19: Oyster Smile
3/20/19: Son of Sushi
3/27/19: Ponies with Axes
4/3/19: Son of Sushi
4/10/19: Eat Your Feelings


2/20/19: Bad to the Bone (in a dramatic tiebreaker!)
2/27/19: The Llamas Responsible for the Reconciliation with Jeff Have Been Sacked!
3/6/19: Daily Double D’s
3/13/19: Are You There, Jeff? It’s Just Me and Margaret
3/20/19: Shut the Fuck Up, Jeff!
3/27/19: Shut the Fuck Up, Jeff!
4/3/10: I Could Have Been a Contender If It Weren’t for Shut the Fuck Up, Jeff!
4/10/19: Bad to the Bone


2/21/19: Interfaith Penis Alliance
2/28/19: Montavillains
3/7/19: Fighting Mongooses
3/14/19: A Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem
3/21/19: Expeditious Burrito Procurement
3/28/19: Montavillains
4/11/19: Interfaith Penis Alliance


2/21/19: Free Cheese (1st-time players!)
2/28/19: My Password Is Burrito
3/7/19: Street Legal
3/14/19: Dory and the Boy
3/21/19: Cleopatrick Swayze
3/28/19: Cleopatrick Swayze
4/4/19: Dumb Ducks
4/11/19: Cleopatrick Swayze

EAST BURN on Thursdays

2/21/19: Rand Paul’s Drag Race
2/28/19: Cleopatra Swayze
3/7/19: Top Bananas
3/14/19: The Poop Sock Social Club
3/21/19: Elbow Table Dancers
3/28/19: Sock Poop Social Club
4/4/19: Geniusaurus Rex
4/11/19: Schlong Island Ice-Teas

EAST BURN on Sundays

2/24/19 (Oscar trivia): If Boyfight Could Talk
3/3/19: FM by BB (1st-time players!)
3/10/19: High School Drama Club
3/17/19: St. Patrick’s Revenge
3/24/19: Where Did the Trivia Come From?
3/31/19: Admiral Snackbar

THEME NIGHTS AT SPARE ROOM (last Sunday of each month)

3/31/19 (Game of Thrones trivia): We Do Not Know

For last year’s winners, see the Hall of Fame 2018.