La Merde

301 SE Morrison St
(503) 234-1324
Portland, OR
Thursdays @ 9:00 PM

*This beloved venue is retired from Triviology. Godspeed, La Merde!

La Merde, Montage’s lounge bar, is one of the oldest and most beloved venues in Triviology history, and we are ready to shaking things up a bit here. We will continue to host pub quizzes at La Merde every Thursday at 9:00, but every other week the trivia will be themed. So, one week will be classic Triviology with general quizzery, the next week will entirely consist of an extra fun theme (Seinfeld! Twin Peaks! Arrested Development! Game of Thrones!), the next will be classic trivia again, and so on. This website will always have the most up-to-date information on the upcoming themes. Please shoot us an Email at to make a request for a particular theme.

Congratulations to La Merde for being selected over all of my other venues as Portland Monthly’s Best Bar to Play in 2010, and for being voted as as a favorite bar for trivia in Portland Merucry’s 2014 PDX Approved Survey!! Perhaps the most coveted prizes in Triviology history are the La Merde T-shirts which read: “I Was ‘The Shit’ at Trivia Night!” As an added bonus, enjoy the culinary stylings of the legendary Montage while savoring a finely crafted cocktail. ShanRock is your hostess at this venue.

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