Lunar Quizzery

We love a good theme quiz here at Triviology, and we’ve done hundreds of them over the past 13 years. We’ll let you know as soon as we secure a new venue for themed trivia nights!


Cinema Trivioso (4/5/08): general film

Kurdistan & Mr. Hand (5/3/08): geography & history

I Don’t Feel Tardy (6/7/08): general music

Science Faction (7/12/08): science fiction & fact

Chickadee On A Dodge Dart (8/2/08): Twin Peaks

Law & Disorder – Trivial Intent (9/13/09): law fiction & fact

Quizzing Arizona (10/4/08): Coen Brothers films

Lebowski Achiever’s Bowl – Fundraiser for RideOn (10/24/08): Big Lebowski

Wordstock Quiz Week (11/2/08 – 11/6/08): extra literature this week

Oscar! (2/22/09): the awards, not the grouch

80s Quiz Night (3/29/09): the decade, not the geriatrics

Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown (4/18/09): fabulous trivia for fabulous prizes!

Arrested Development (5/2/09): the TV show, not the band!

I Don’t Feel Tardy 2 (6/6/09): general music

Quizzing for Guffman (7/11/09): the mockumentaries of Christopher Guest

Junior Varsity Trivia for Benchwarmers (8/1/09): sports

Save Ferris (9/5/09): teen comedies of John Hughes

I Just Blue Myself (9/28/09): an Arrested Development reprise, by popular demand

Cubicle Quiz (10/3/09): Office Space & The Office

Wordstock Quiz Week (10/4/09 – 10/9/09): extra literature with taste rounds

Sunny Philly (11/2/09): It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia quiz

Simpsons (11/7/09): The Simpsons (Homer, not OJ)

Stumptown Showdown (11/22/09): Portland, OR trivia

1990s (12/5/09): all about that decade

30ROCK (12/7/09): the TV show, not the building

Mad About MADMEN (1/4/10): the TV show, not crazy people

Xanadu (1/23/10): the film, not the Mongolian city

Expecto Pa-trivium (2/1/10): Harry Potter quiz

Back To The Future Quiz Night (2/6/10): the film trilogy

Super Bowl Pre-Game Quiz (2/7/10): sports trivia

Canuck Quizzery (3/1/10): all things Canadian

Oscar Quiz Night (3/7/10): Academy Awards trivia

A Quiz About Nothing (4/3/10): Seinfeld trivia

The Wire: The Quiz (4/5/10): the TV show

Never Say Die! (5/1/10): Goonies quiz adventure

Pooh, Whos, & Wild Things (5/3/10): trivia about kids’ books

Mel Brooks Trivia (6/7/10): we Got Smart about Melvin Kaminsky!

LOST: A Quiz The Island Demands (6/12/10): we didn’t really get any answers

I Don’t Feel Tardy (7/31/10): 3rd Annual Music Quiz!

Damn Fine Quizzery – And Hot! Twin Peaks Trivia (8/2/10)

The Happiest Quiz on Earth (8/21/10): Disney trivia

Beverly Hills 90210 Trivia Night (9/02/10 . . . duh!): Beverly Hills 90210!

The Sassiest Quiz in America (10/4/10): Sassy magazine!

Wordstock Quizzery (10/5/10 & 10/6/10): literature trivia to celebrate the Wordstock Festival!

Still Mad About MADMEN (10/17/10): it was a very Don Draper evening.

Vampire Quiz Night (10/31/10): all literature, film, etc. about blood suckers was fair game.

Best Frakking Quiz in the Universe (11/8/10): Battlestar Galactica quizzery!

Freaks & Geeks Quiz (12/6/10): Creation & The Kressman Conundrum

Naked Airplane Quiz (1/3/11): Leslie Nielsen trivia

I Heart Oregon! (2/7/11): Celebrating Oregon’s Birthday

Oscar Quiz Night (2/27/11): Academy Award trivia and viewing party (Peter O’Toole got stiffed AGAIN!)

Glee Quizzery for Gleeks (4/4/11): Glee trivia

Fortune & Glory Quiz (4/10/11): Indiana Jones trivia

Mom & Pop Quiz (5/2/11): trivia for parents and other caretakers

CaddyBallBusters Day (5/22/11): Bill Murray/Harold Ramis film trivia

More Sense Than Sensibility Quiz (6/6/11): Jane Austen Trivia

I Don’t Feel Tardy (6/12/11): 4th Annual Music Quiz

Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown 2 (6/22/11): totally gay trivia!

Harry Potter Final Exam (7/11/11): Harry to the Potter!

Grease is The Quiz (7/17/11): Grease 1 AND 2, baby!

Let’s Go Cornballing (8/1/11): Arrested Development

Inconceivable Quizzery (8/14/11): Princess Bride Trivia

Just Say Knope (9/18/11): Parks & Recreation Trivia

Wordstock Lit Quiz (10/2/11): Hot book-on-book action!

Bully For Bronte (10/3/11): Jane Eyre vs. Wuthering Heights

The Pit of Ultimate Kids In The Hall-ness (10/24/11): Kids In The Hall trivia

They’re Coming For You (10/30/11): Zombie Trivia

Spookylicious Trivia (10/31/11): Halloween Trivia

How Long’s It Been Since You All Got Played With? (11/7/11): Pixar quizzery

Buried Treasure (11/15/11): treasure hunt & treasure trivia

Whole Lotta Drinkin’ Goin’ On (12/5/11): beer’n'booze trivia

Let The Wookie Win (12/18/11): Star Wars trivia

Sex & The City Trivia (1/18/12): SATC

Purple Rain Trivia (1/29/12): we purified ourselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka

Oscar Trivia & Viewing Party (1/26/12): Academy Awards!

Saturday Night Live, Part 1 (3/25/12): from Coneheads to Sprockets

Saturday Night Live, Part 2 (4/1/12): from Roxbury to Lazy Sunday

Friday, The Movie (4/8/12): complete with a scavenger hunt for a stash of munchies!

Comic Book Quizzery (4/15/12): for DC devotees, Marvel mavens, and indie enthusiasts!

Reaping Day (4/22/12): Hunger Games trivia (more to come with the movie releases!)

30 Rock Redux (4/29/12): The Return of the TGS crew!

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure Quizzery (5/6/12): I know you are but what am I?!

Picture It: Golden Girls Quizzery, 2012 (5/9/12): Sofia, Blanche, Rose, & Pussycat!

Freaks & Geeks Trivia (5/13/12): Busy Philipps in the house!!

20 Terabytes of Trivia (5/20/12): Computer Quizzery

Respect My Authori-Tay (5/27/12): South Park Trivia

I Lost My Mind In Oregon (6/3/12): More Portland trivia!

Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown 3 (6/13/12): Basic Rights Oregon fundraiser!

Quizzery is Coming (6/17/12): Game of Thrones

I Don’t Feel Tardy (6/24/12): 5th Annual Music Quiz

TriviAvengers Assemble (7/1/12): Avengers quizzery

Trivia In A Smiling Bag (7/8/12): yet another installation of Twin Peaks trivia

Wes Anderson Trivia Night (7/15/12): from Bottle Rocket to Moonrise Kingdom!

Game Over (7/22/12): Alien franchise trivia

When Harry Got Mail in Seattle (7/29/12): Nora Ephron

Crazy For Swayze (8/5/12): The Swayziest of Patrick’s films

Saturday Morning Cartoons (8/12/12): Cereal, Snorks, and Smurfs, oh my!

Curb Your Enthusiasm (8/19/12): it was pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Ladies & Gentlemen…HEDWIG! (8/26/12): Enemies & adversaries tried to tear you down.

Do Bad Things (8/29/12): True Blood trivia

I Want My Two Dollars! (9/2/12): Savage Steve Holland

The Need for Speed (9/9/12): Top Gun trivia

Saved By The Bell: The Trivia Years (9/16/12): we took a time out at Bayside High!

The New Way (9/23/12): Wet Hot American Summer trivia

Alice’s Adventures In Quizzery (9/30/12): Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece.

Let’s Quiz About Sex (10/7/12): hot, book-on-book action!

Fun & Games With George & Martha (10/14/12): Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf trivia.

Edward Scissorhands (10/21/12): shishkabob for all!

Welcome To Deadwood (10/28/12): Cocksuckers!

Rip City Rhapsody (11/4/12): Your Trail Blazers

Buffy, The Trivia Slayers (11/11/12): the Scooby gang united!

Food, Glorious Food (11/18/12): foodie quizzery & tasting!

The Sound of Griswold (11/25/12): National Lampoon’s Vacation films!

The NeverEnding Story (12/2/12): just the 1st film, since the sequels succumbed to The Nothing.

TwiLight Up My Life (12/9/12): Team Bella!

Louis, You’re Gonna Die (12/16/12): Louis CK and his show.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out (12/23/12): A Christmas Story trivia night with Major Awards!

One Quiz To Rule Them All (12/30/12): Lord of the Rings trivia night!

Battle Royale With Cheese (1/6/13): Pulp Fiction.

No Journey Psyche Outs, Fuck Yeah! (1/13/13): The films of Trey Parker & Matt Stone

Les Quizerables (1/20/13): Musical Theatre

We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes (1/27/13): Psycho!

Panty Raid (2/3/13): Revenge of the NERRRRRRDS!!!

Do Not Talk About Fight Club (2/10/13): We broke the first two rules of Fight Club.

Oscar Night! (2/24/13): the nominees & the champions!

The Last Dragon (3/3/13): Sho’Nuff!

Yippee Ki-Yay! (3/10/13): Die Hard!

Another Quiz About Nothing (3/17/13): Seinfeld!

What A Feelin’! (3/24/13): Flashdance!

Domestic Goddess (3/27/13): Roseanne!

Don’t Open: Dead Inside (3/31/13): Walking Dead!

Quizard of Oz (4/7/13): Wizard of Oz, the iconic 1939 film.

What Is A Week-END? (4/14/13): Downton Abbey!

Deadites Unite! (4/21/13): Evil Dead!

I Couldn’t Help But Wonder (4/28/13): Sex & The City 2!

Butt Rock of Ages (5/5/13): Hair metal night!

Good Times (5/12/13): NewsRadio!

The Dundie Awards (5/19/13): The Office!

Star Trek (5/26/13): Kirrrrrrrrk!

Party On (6/2/13): Wayne’s World!

Velvet Goldmine (6/9/13): Todd Haynes’ musical masterpiece!

A Quiz of Kings (6/16/13): Game of Thrones!

MadMen Again (6/23/13): Don Draper is up to his old tricks!

Don’t Mess With The Bull (6/26/13): Breakfast Club!

Franklin Comes Alive (6/30/13): Arrested Development!

America, Fuck Yeah! (7/7/13): USA! USA! USA!

Sweep The Leg (7/14/13): Karate Kid!

The Simpsons (7/21 & 7/28/13): Everyone’s favorite Bartoon!

All Hail Heisenberg (7/30/13): Breaking Bad!

Coal Miner’s Daughter (8/4/13): Loretta Lynn; the film!

Bridesmaids! (8/11/13): Rebel Wilson Phillips!

My So Called Quiz (8/18/13): Two words: Ti-no!

More Human Than Human (8/25/13): Blade Runner!

The Blood & Ice Cream Quizzery (9/1/13): Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End

Mouse Rat Rules (9/8/13): Parks & Recreation!

The One With The Questions About Friends (9/15/13): Friends trivia was there for you!

Harry Potter (9/18/13): yet another installment of The Pot – I think we should do seven!

The Truth Is Out There (9/22/13): X-Files!

Golden Ticket Trivia (9/29/13): Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory!

The Nightman Quizeth (10/6/13): It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

The Food & Drink Think! (10/13/13): We ate, we drank, we quizzed!

The Strongest Quiz In The World (10/20/13): Adventures of Pete & Pete!

David Lynch Quizzery (10/27/13): It’s a strange world we live in.

Castle Rock Quizzery (11/3/13): Stephen King!

The Loudest Quiz In The World (11/10/13): Spinal Tap!

The Dude Abides (11/17/13): The Big Lebowski!

It’s Bigger On The Inside (11/24/13): Dr. Who!

Action Team Trivia (12/1/13): Anchorman!

Quarter Quell Quiz (12/8/13): Hunger Games!

Community (12/15/13): Cool, cool, cool.

Xmas Xtravaganza (12/22/13): Beloved holiday films.

Can’t Stop The Signal (12/29/13): Firefly!

The Hobbit (1/5/13): The book and the films.

Piss On Your Peace (1/12/14): The Lion in Winter!

Goodbye Horses (1/19/14): Silence of the Lambs!

Modern Family Reunion (1/26/14): Dunphys in the house!

Truffle Shuffle Trivia (2/9/14): Goonies!

Murdered By Pirates Is Good (2/16/14): Princess Bride 2!

Oscars Night (3/2/14): The Peter O’Toole trophy was won!

Are We Having Fun Yet? (3/9/14): Party Down!

Egon Lives! (3/16/14): Ghostbusters!

Can You Dig It? (3/23/14): The Warriors…came out the play-aaaaay!

Walking Dead 2 (3/30/14): They’re still out there!

We Used To Be Friends (4/6/14): Veronica Mars!

Haaaave You Met Ted? (4/13/14): How I Met Your Mother!

Quizzed & Confused (4/20/14): Alright, alright, alright!

Cliquey Quizzery (4/27/14): Heathers, Clueless, Mean Girls!

Eddie Murphy (5/4/14): Eddie’s Golden Years!

Sparkle Motion (5/11/14): Donnie Darko!

A Salute To The Character Actor (5/18/14): Wacky neighbors, creepy villains!

I Don’t Feel Tardy! (5/25/14): Annual music quiz!

A Million To One Shot, Doc! (6/1/14): Seinfeld!

Friends (6/8/14): Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe!

Game of Thrones (6/15/14): The Iron Trophy was won!

Brady Bunch Trivia (6/22/14): Alice, Alice, ALICE!!!

The People’s Poet Is Dead! (6/29/14): The Young Ones!

America, Fuck Yeah! (7/6/14) USA! USA! USA!

Anthony Goes Hollywood (7/13/14):Mannequin & Designing Women (Meshach Taylor night)!

TGIF TV (7/20/14): Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, etc.

Terminator (7/27/14): Just the first two films, of course!

Too Many Notes (8/3/14): Amadeus, The Movie!

Gelflings & Goblins (8/10/14): Dark Crystal & Labyrinth!

The Filthiest Trivia Team Alive (8/17/14): The films of John Waters!

The Cage Is Full (8/24/14): Orange Is The New Black!

O Robin! My Robin! (8/31/14): Robin Williams!

Louis! (9/7/14): Louis C.K.

Where In The World Is Cottonshopeburnfoot? (9/14/14): Geography!

We Need To Talk About Your Flair (9/21/14): Office Space!

Back To The Future! (9/28/14): I am your density!

Keep Thinking What You’re Thinking (10/19/14): Gilmore Girls

Still Waiting For October (10/26/14): Adventures of Pete & Pete!

Unholy Trinity (11/2/14): The Exorcist, The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby

No Wire Hangers! (11/9/14): Mommie Dearest!

No-Brainer Trivia (11/16/14): Dumb & Dumber!

Citizen Dick Trivia (11/23/14): Singles!

The Shiva Bowl (11/30/14): The League!

District 13 Lives! (12/7/14): Hunger Games

Stay Gold Ponyboy! (12/14/14): The Outsiders!

It’s A Griswold Grinchmas Miracle! (12/21/14): Xmas film trivia!

Tolkien Trivia (12/28/14): Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit!

End of the Year Roundup (1/4/15): The important stuff that happened in 2014!

Serial – The PodQuiz (1/11/15): Serial – The Podcast!

I’ve Created A Muenster (1/25/15): Bob’s Burgers!

Sex & The City (1/28/15): Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha & Carrie!

I’m The One Who Knocks (2/8/15): Breaking Bad 2!

Oscar Quizzery! (2/22/15): We would NOT like to thank the Academy this year.

Treat Yo Self! (3/8/15): Parks & Rec 3!

NOMO FOMO (3/22/15): Broad City!

Walking Dead (4/5/15): Walking Dead!

Downton Abbey (4/19/15): Save Isis!

Golden Girls 2 (4/22/15): Still Golden after all these years!

Toros In The Atmosphere (5/3/15): Bring It On!

Carcosa Quizzery (5/17/15): True Detective.

One Team Leaves (5/31/15): Mad Max!!!

Keep Harrenhal Weird (6/14/15): Game of Thrones!

Licence To Quiz (6/28/15): James Bond!

Triviasaurus Rex (7/19/15): Jurassic Park!

Spaced (8/2/15): Simon Pegg sitcom!

Uncancelled (8/16/15): Community!

Wet Hot American Summer (8/30/15): Can of Vegetables liiiiives!!!

The Contest (4/20/17): Seinfeld!

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica (5/4/17): The Office!

The Quiz of Dunshire (5/18/17): Parks and Recreation trivia!

Bob Beyond Freezerdome (6/1/17): Bob’s Burgers!

Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown (6/15/17): Basic Rights Oregon fundraiser!

Never Nude Support Group (6/29/17): Arrested Development!

Impin’ Ain’t Easy (7/13/17): Game of Thrones!

Sploosh! (7/27/17): Archer!

Challah Back Girls (8/10/17): Broad City!

Bonus Broad City (8/14/17): Broader City!

Your Beeswax (8/24/17): Wet Hot American Summer!

Challenge Accepted (9/7/17): How I Met Your Mother!

Cheesecake, Anyone? (9/21/17): Golden Girls!

Is It Future Or Is It Past (10/5/17): Twin Peaks!

What About Barb? (10/19/17): Stranger Things!

Horror Film Trivia (10/26/17): A fundraiser for Hollywood Theatre!

Flowers for Charlie (11/2/17): It’s Still Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

BLAM! (11/16/17): Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Rubik’s Q*bert (11/30/17): 1980s Trivia!

Rey Of Light (12/14/17): Star Wars Trivia!

Just For Fun (5/27/18): The Office Trivia!

Festivus For The Rest Of Us (6/24/18): Seinfeld Trivia!