Meet the TJs

Trivia Jock ShanRock is your veteran TJ who started Triviology in January 2005. I also have several fantastic “apprentice TJs” who help me make beautiful trivia for you. Presenting my “query” of trivia jockeys:






I feel very lucky to have made a career out of making the trivia! I get to work at home in my pajamas while writing questions, and then I get to go out into bars and ask them while meeting interesting people and drinking bourbon & gingers. The weekly venues I currently host myself are 15th Avenue Hophouse, Rae’s Lakeview Lounge, Peter’s Bar & Grill, East Burn, and La Merde. You should also know that my favorite mollusk is The Vampire Squid.

Three of these statements accurately describe me, and one is a damn lie. Which do you think it is?

a) I brew my own beer
b) I conquered the game Q*Bert
c) my favorite pharaoh is Akhnaten
d) I have a “poisonous enthusiasm” for Patti Smith

Contact Shannon by Email at,
or by phone at (503) 957-7806.