The Spare Room

4830 NE 42nd
Portland, OR
(503) 287-5800
4th Sunday of each month, 6:00
May 27th: Just For Fun – The Office!
June 22nd: Festivus For The Rest Of Us – Seinfeld!
July 24th: Bluth For Family Of The Year – Arrested Development!

The Spare Room is a venue which we have long enjoyed using for special events, such as the annual Clash of the Trivia Titans. But now, we are bumping up our appearances there to once a month for theme quiz nights! We will launch this new series with one of the most requested themes in Triviology history – The Office! All seasons of the US version of this beloved show will be fair game. If you win, you can hold your Tiny Dundie as close as you want! To request future themes, make requests either in person at our pub quizzes or on Triviology’s social media. Coming soon: Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, Broad City, AND MORE!

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