Zach’s Shack

4611 SE Hawthorne
(503) 233 – 4616
Portland, OR
Thursdays @ 8:00

Once upon a time, Zach and ShanRock worked as mad scientists together. Then, they each started their own successful businesses. Now, those businesses are united in awesomeness! Zach’s Shack ain’t just wieners, people – they got booze, they got fries, they got ping-pong, they got beer, they got veggie dogs, they got Pac-Man, they got Jalapeno poppers! Oh…and they got quizzery! Your trivia jockey at this venue is Jack, who has been making trivial magic at this venue for many moons.

In this photo, Brad is thumbs-downing ShanRock for forcing him to eat hot peppers. Don’t worry; we won’t make you do that at trivia! Probably not, anyway . . .


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