Clash Of The Trivia Titans 2011!

Your 2011 Titan champions are Linda Is A Whore! Congratulations, you wunderkinds! Another supergroup, FEAR! Fear For Your Safety, gave them a run for their money, and took the 2nd place trophy home. More details to follow…

The Clash of the Trivia Titans is my annual Triviology tournament – the 2011 COTT also celebrates my 6th anniversary of making quizzery for Portland! Absolutely everyone is welcome to participate in this event, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a bright-eyed rookie. Everything you need to know should be on this page, but if not, please feel free to contact me, ShanRock, directly (

Sunday, February 20th
Spare Room @ 4830 NE 42nd
5 player maximum per team; $5 per player
*Everyone chooses a prize just for participating, but there are also
multiple engraved trophies & various prizes awarded to several teams
(details at bottom of page)

The Clash of the Trivia Titans is a two-tiered tournament comprised of two back-to-back quizzes, with a “half-time show” in between. The first quiz is The Olympian Open, the second is The Titan Invitational. Absolutely anyone may play The Olympian Open, and multiple teams will win trophies and prizes. The grand prize for the champion team of the Open is the wild card slot to officially participate in the Titan Invitational. The Titans are those teams which have already qualified for the Invitational by winning 15 quizzes in the preceding “trivia season,” which is the whole year since the last COTT (2/28/10).

Although Titans are allowed to play in The Open just for fun, they will NOT be official participants – that is to say, they won’t win any Olympian prizes or trophies. Likewise, Olympians are welcome to stick around and play the Titan quiz, but only the wild card team will qualify to compete for prizes and trophies.

The format for each quiz is practically the same as a standard, awesome Triviology night. Here’s the only difference – no Let’s Get Physical challenges, and no Whammy rounds. Oh, and since these are the championships, the questions will be a bit tougher than usual.

Here is the schedule for the day’s events:

*Margaret has prepared a fun mini-quiz about Triviology for you to warm up with!


*Trophies for Best Bartender, Favorite Venue, Best Shit-Talkers, Favorite Foes, Underdog Award, etc. These categories will be decided by YOU! Fill out a ballot at the tournament if you wish. In the interest of full disclosure – I will cast a heavily weighted for for the Underdog Award. This trophy goes to the tenacious team that plays and plays and plays, but never seems to win. Since I am in a unique position to know who is truly most deserving of this award. I will make the final call.

*After my trivia jockeys perform, YOU will have a chance to be the star! This competition started out as “Best Costumes,” but it has evolved into “The Spirit Bunny Award.” Any team, whether Olympian or Titan, will introduce themselves in any way they see fit. It could be as simple as saying “Hurray for our team!” into the mic, or as elaborate as Nomi Malone Dance Academy, last year’s champions. Trophy to the champions, as determined by applause!

*Titan teams are those that have won 15 times or more at ANY of my quizzes over past year. Please contact me if you think you’ve qualified, but you haven’t received an invitation to participate. A full list of this season’s champions is on the Hall of Fame page, but here are your 2011 Titans: Carpool Lane Prostitutes, Drunken Regrets, Especially in the Mornings, Fear! Fear for Your Safety, Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Linda Is A Whore, Mothers of Retention, Odie & The Dirt Legs, Publick Edjimakatrz, & Team Evil Jesus.


PRIZES . . .

*For everyone who plays:
ShanRock’s Triviology beer cozies
Death Race 2 Towels
Flashlight/Screwdriver multi-tools
Get Him To The Greek shot glasses
Bourne Identity post-it notes
…and more!

For the Olympian Open Champions:
An engraved trophy!

5 ShanRock’s Triviology T-shirts

5 ShanRock’s Triviology pint glasses

Entry into the Titan Invitational

. . . and more!

For the Titan Invitational Champions:
The biggest trophy of them all!
5 ShanRock’s Triviology T-shirts
5 ShanRock’s Triviology pint glasses
5 Triviology champion scarves
5 BarFly bus passes
1 free ShanRock’s Triviology quiz in your bar, home, workplace, what-have-you
. . . and some suprise prizes!

Multiple prizes in both competitions:
Several engraved trophies, and choose from a variety of prizes: Pabst toothbrushes, gift certificates to Powell’s & multiple bars, hats, Tshirts, etc.)

Donkey Prizes:

A Comcast mug!
A DVD of trailers for The American!
As many Crazy Heart posters as you can carry!
A pack of glow in the dark necklaces that don’t seem to glow . . . in the dark or otherwise!
…and more!