Lunar Quizzery

We love a good theme quiz here at Triviology, and we’ve done hundreds of them over the past 15 years. These days, we’re rocking the theme quizzery at Spare Room, usually on the last Sunday of each month, 6 pm!


Cinema Trivioso (4/5/08): general film

Kurdistan & Mr. Hand (5/3/08): geography & history

I Don’t Feel Tardy (6/7/08): general music

Science Faction (7/12/08): science fiction & fact

Chickadee On A Dodge Dart (8/2/08): Twin Peaks

Law & Disorder – Trivial Intent (9/13/09): law fiction & fact

Quizzing Arizona (10/4/08): Coen Brothers films

Lebowski Achiever’s Bowl – Fundraiser for RideOn (10/24/08): Big Lebowski

Wordstock Quiz Week (11/2/08 – 11/6/08): extra literature this week

Oscar! (2/22/09): the awards, not the grouch

80s Quiz Night (3/29/09): the decade, not the geriatrics

Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown (4/18/09): fabulous trivia for fabulous prizes!

Arrested Development (5/2/09): the TV show, not the band!

I Don’t Feel Tardy 2 (6/6/09): general music

Quizzing for Guffman (7/11/09): the mockumentaries of Christopher Guest

Junior Varsity Trivia for Benchwarmers (8/1/09): sports

Save Ferris (9/5/09): teen comedies of John Hughes

I Just Blue Myself (9/28/09): an Arrested Development reprise, by popular demand

Cubicle Quiz (10/3/09): Office Space & The Office

Wordstock Quiz Week (10/4/09 – 10/9/09): extra literature with taste rounds

Sunny Philly (11/2/09): It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia quiz

Simpsons (11/7/09): The Simpsons (Homer, not OJ)

Stumptown Showdown (11/22/09): Portland, OR trivia

1990s (12/5/09): all about that decade

30ROCK (12/7/09): the TV show, not the building

Mad About MADMEN (1/4/10): the TV show, not crazy people

Xanadu (1/23/10): the film, not the Mongolian city

Expecto Pa-trivium (2/1/10): Harry Potter quiz

Back To The Future Quiz Night (2/6/10): the film trilogy

Super Bowl Pre-Game Quiz (2/7/10): sports trivia

Canuck Quizzery (3/1/10): all things Canadian

Oscar Quiz Night (3/7/10): Academy Awards trivia

A Quiz About Nothing (4/3/10): Seinfeld trivia

The Wire: The Quiz (4/5/10): the TV show

Never Say Die! (5/1/10): Goonies quiz adventure

Pooh, Whos, & Wild Things (5/3/10): trivia about kids’ books

Mel Brooks Trivia (6/7/10): we Got Smart about Melvin Kaminsky!

LOST: A Quiz The Island Demands (6/12/10): we didn’t really get any answers

I Don’t Feel Tardy (7/31/10): 3rd Annual Music Quiz!

Damn Fine Quizzery – And Hot! Twin Peaks Trivia (8/2/10)

The Happiest Quiz on Earth (8/21/10): Disney trivia

Beverly Hills 90210 Trivia Night (9/02/10 . . . duh!): Beverly Hills 90210!

The Sassiest Quiz in America (10/4/10): Sassy magazine!

Wordstock Quizzery (10/5/10 & 10/6/10): literature trivia to celebrate the Wordstock Festival!

Still Mad About MADMEN (10/17/10): it was a very Don Draper evening.

Vampire Quiz Night (10/31/10): all literature, film, etc. about blood suckers was fair game.

Best Frakking Quiz in the Universe (11/8/10): Battlestar Galactica quizzery!

Freaks & Geeks Quiz (12/6/10): Creation & The Kressman Conundrum

Naked Airplane Quiz (1/3/11): Leslie Nielsen trivia

I Heart Oregon! (2/7/11): Celebrating Oregon’s Birthday

Oscar Quiz Night (2/27/11): Academy Award trivia and viewing party (Peter O’Toole got stiffed AGAIN!)

Glee Quizzery for Gleeks (4/4/11): Glee trivia

Fortune & Glory Quiz (4/10/11): Indiana Jones trivia

Mom & Pop Quiz (5/2/11): trivia for parents and other caretakers

CaddyBallBusters Day (5/22/11): Bill Murray/Harold Ramis film trivia

More Sense Than Sensibility Quiz (6/6/11): Jane Austen Trivia

I Don’t Feel Tardy (6/12/11): 4th Annual Music Quiz

Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown 2 (6/22/11): totally gay trivia!

Harry Potter Final Exam (7/11/11): Harry to the Potter!

Grease is The Quiz (7/17/11): Grease 1 AND 2, baby!

Let’s Go Cornballing (8/1/11): Arrested Development

Inconceivable Quizzery (8/14/11): Princess Bride Trivia

Just Say Knope (9/18/11): Parks & Recreation Trivia

Wordstock Lit Quiz (10/2/11): Hot book-on-book action!

Bully For Bronte (10/3/11): Jane Eyre vs. Wuthering Heights

The Pit of Ultimate Kids In The Hall-ness (10/24/11): Kids In The Hall trivia

They’re Coming For You (10/30/11): Zombie Trivia

Spookylicious Trivia (10/31/11): Halloween Trivia

How Long’s It Been Since You All Got Played With? (11/7/11): Pixar quizzery

Buried Treasure (11/15/11): treasure hunt & treasure trivia

Whole Lotta Drinkin’ Goin’ On (12/5/11): beer’n’booze trivia

Let The Wookie Win (12/18/11): Star Wars trivia

Sex & The City Trivia (1/18/12): SATC

Purple Rain Trivia (1/29/12): we purified ourselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka

Oscar Trivia & Viewing Party (1/26/12): Academy Awards!

Saturday Night Live, Part 1 (3/25/12): from Coneheads to Sprockets

Saturday Night Live, Part 2 (4/1/12): from Roxbury to Lazy Sunday

Friday, The Movie (4/8/12): complete with a scavenger hunt for a stash of munchies!

Comic Book Quizzery (4/15/12): for DC devotees, Marvel mavens, and indie enthusiasts!

Reaping Day (4/22/12): Hunger Games trivia (more to come with the movie releases!)

30 Rock Redux (4/29/12): The Return of the TGS crew!

Pee-wee’s Big Adventure Quizzery (5/6/12): I know you are but what am I?!

Picture It: Golden Girls Quizzery, 2012 (5/9/12): Sofia, Blanche, Rose, & Pussycat!

Freaks & Geeks Trivia (5/13/12): Busy Philipps in the house!!

20 Terabytes of Trivia (5/20/12): Computer Quizzery

Respect My Authori-Tay (5/27/12): South Park Trivia

I Lost My Mind In Oregon (6/3/12): More Portland trivia!

Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown 3 (6/13/12): Basic Rights Oregon fundraiser!

Quizzery is Coming (6/17/12): Game of Thrones

I Don’t Feel Tardy (6/24/12): 5th Annual Music Quiz

TriviAvengers Assemble (7/1/12): Avengers quizzery

Trivia In A Smiling Bag (7/8/12): yet another installation of Twin Peaks trivia

Wes Anderson Trivia Night (7/15/12): from Bottle Rocket to Moonrise Kingdom!

Game Over (7/22/12): Alien franchise trivia

When Harry Got Mail in Seattle (7/29/12): Nora Ephron

Crazy For Swayze (8/5/12): The Swayziest of Patrick’s films

Saturday Morning Cartoons (8/12/12): Cereal, Snorks, and Smurfs, oh my!

Curb Your Enthusiasm (8/19/12): it was pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Ladies & Gentlemen…HEDWIG! (8/26/12): Enemies & adversaries tried to tear you down.

Do Bad Things (8/29/12): True Blood trivia

I Want My Two Dollars! (9/2/12): Savage Steve Holland

The Need for Speed (9/9/12): Top Gun trivia

Saved By The Bell: The Trivia Years (9/16/12): we took a time out at Bayside High!

The New Way (9/23/12): Wet Hot American Summer trivia

Alice’s Adventures In Quizzery (9/30/12): Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece.

Let’s Quiz About Sex (10/7/12): hot, book-on-book action!

Fun & Games With George & Martha (10/14/12): Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf trivia.

Edward Scissorhands (10/21/12): shishkabob for all!

Welcome To Deadwood (10/28/12): Cocksuckers!

Rip City Rhapsody (11/4/12): Your Trail Blazers

Buffy, The Trivia Slayers (11/11/12): the Scooby gang united!

Food, Glorious Food (11/18/12): foodie quizzery & tasting!

The Sound of Griswold (11/25/12): National Lampoon’s Vacation films!

The NeverEnding Story (12/2/12): just the 1st film, since the sequels succumbed to The Nothing.

TwiLight Up My Life (12/9/12): Team Bella!

Louis, You’re Gonna Die (12/16/12): Louis CK and his show.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out (12/23/12): A Christmas Story trivia night with Major Awards!

One Quiz To Rule Them All (12/30/12): Lord of the Rings trivia night!

Battle Royale With Cheese (1/6/13): Pulp Fiction.

No Journey Psyche Outs, Fuck Yeah! (1/13/13): The films of Trey Parker & Matt Stone

Les Quizerables (1/20/13): Musical Theatre

We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes (1/27/13): Psycho!

Panty Raid (2/3/13): Revenge of the NERRRRRRDS!!!

Do Not Talk About Fight Club (2/10/13): We broke the first two rules of Fight Club.

Oscar Night! (2/24/13): the nominees & the champions!

The Last Dragon (3/3/13): Sho’Nuff!

Yippee Ki-Yay! (3/10/13): Die Hard!

Another Quiz About Nothing (3/17/13): Seinfeld!

What A Feelin’! (3/24/13): Flashdance!

Domestic Goddess (3/27/13): Roseanne!

Don’t Open: Dead Inside (3/31/13): Walking Dead!

Quizard of Oz (4/7/13): Wizard of Oz, the iconic 1939 film.

What Is A Week-END? (4/14/13): Downton Abbey!

Deadites Unite! (4/21/13): Evil Dead!

I Couldn’t Help But Wonder (4/28/13): Sex & The City 2!

Butt Rock of Ages (5/5/13): Hair metal night!

Good Times (5/12/13): NewsRadio!

The Dundie Awards (5/19/13): The Office!

Star Trek (5/26/13): Kirrrrrrrrk!

Party On (6/2/13): Wayne’s World!

Velvet Goldmine (6/9/13): Todd Haynes’ musical masterpiece!

A Quiz of Kings (6/16/13): Game of Thrones!

MadMen Again (6/23/13): Don Draper is up to his old tricks!

Don’t Mess With The Bull (6/26/13): Breakfast Club!

Franklin Comes Alive (6/30/13): Arrested Development!

America, Fuck Yeah! (7/7/13): USA! USA! USA!

Sweep The Leg (7/14/13): Karate Kid!

The Simpsons (7/21 & 7/28/13): Everyone’s favorite Bartoon!

All Hail Heisenberg (7/30/13): Breaking Bad!

Coal Miner’s Daughter (8/4/13): Loretta Lynn; the film!

Bridesmaids! (8/11/13): Rebel Wilson Phillips!

My So Called Quiz (8/18/13): Two words: Ti-no!

More Human Than Human (8/25/13): Blade Runner!

The Blood & Ice Cream Quizzery (9/1/13): Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End

Mouse Rat Rules (9/8/13): Parks & Recreation!

The One With The Questions About Friends (9/15/13): Friends trivia was there for you!

Harry Potter (9/18/13): yet another installment of The Pot – I think we should do seven!

The Truth Is Out There (9/22/13): X-Files!

Golden Ticket Trivia (9/29/13): Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory!

The Nightman Quizeth (10/6/13): It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

The Food & Drink Think! (10/13/13): We ate, we drank, we quizzed!

The Strongest Quiz In The World (10/20/13): Adventures of Pete & Pete!

David Lynch Quizzery (10/27/13): It’s a strange world we live in.

Castle Rock Quizzery (11/3/13): Stephen King!

The Loudest Quiz In The World (11/10/13): Spinal Tap!

The Dude Abides (11/17/13): The Big Lebowski!

It’s Bigger On The Inside (11/24/13): Dr. Who!

Action Team Trivia (12/1/13): Anchorman!

Quarter Quell Quiz (12/8/13): Hunger Games!

Community (12/15/13): Cool, cool, cool.

Xmas Xtravaganza (12/22/13): Beloved holiday films.

Can’t Stop The Signal (12/29/13): Firefly!

The Hobbit (1/5/13): The book and the films.

Piss On Your Peace (1/12/14): The Lion in Winter!

Goodbye Horses (1/19/14): Silence of the Lambs!

Modern Family Reunion (1/26/14): Dunphys in the house!

Truffle Shuffle Trivia (2/9/14): Goonies!

Murdered By Pirates Is Good (2/16/14): Princess Bride 2!

Oscars Night (3/2/14): The Peter O’Toole trophy was won!

Are We Having Fun Yet? (3/9/14): Party Down!

Egon Lives! (3/16/14): Ghostbusters!

Can You Dig It? (3/23/14): The Warriors…came out the play-aaaaay!

Walking Dead 2 (3/30/14): They’re still out there!

We Used To Be Friends (4/6/14): Veronica Mars!

Haaaave You Met Ted? (4/13/14): How I Met Your Mother!

Quizzed & Confused (4/20/14): Alright, alright, alright!

Cliquey Quizzery (4/27/14): Heathers, Clueless, Mean Girls!

Eddie Murphy (5/4/14): Eddie’s Golden Years!

Sparkle Motion (5/11/14): Donnie Darko!

A Salute To The Character Actor (5/18/14): Wacky neighbors, creepy villains!

I Don’t Feel Tardy! (5/25/14): Annual music quiz!

A Million To One Shot, Doc! (6/1/14): Seinfeld!

Friends (6/8/14): Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe!

Game of Thrones (6/15/14): The Iron Trophy was won!

Brady Bunch Trivia (6/22/14): Alice, Alice, ALICE!!!

The People’s Poet Is Dead! (6/29/14): The Young Ones!

America, Fuck Yeah! (7/6/14) USA! USA! USA!

Anthony Goes Hollywood (7/13/14):Mannequin & Designing Women (Meshach Taylor night)!

TGIF TV (7/20/14): Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, etc.

Terminator (7/27/14): Just the first two films, of course!

Too Many Notes (8/3/14): Amadeus, The Movie!

Gelflings & Goblins (8/10/14): Dark Crystal & Labyrinth!

The Filthiest Trivia Team Alive (8/17/14): The films of John Waters!

The Cage Is Full (8/24/14): Orange Is The New Black!

O Robin! My Robin! (8/31/14): Robin Williams!

Louis! (9/7/14): Louis C.K.

Where In The World Is Cottonshopeburnfoot? (9/14/14): Geography!

We Need To Talk About Your Flair (9/21/14): Office Space!

Back To The Future! (9/28/14): I am your density!

Keep Thinking What You’re Thinking (10/19/14): Gilmore Girls

Still Waiting For October (10/26/14): Adventures of Pete & Pete!

Unholy Trinity (11/2/14): The Exorcist, The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby

No Wire Hangers! (11/9/14): Mommie Dearest!

No-Brainer Trivia (11/16/14): Dumb & Dumber!

Citizen Dick Trivia (11/23/14): Singles!

The Shiva Bowl (11/30/14): The League!

District 13 Lives! (12/7/14): Hunger Games

Stay Gold Ponyboy! (12/14/14): The Outsiders!

It’s A Griswold Grinchmas Miracle! (12/21/14): Xmas film trivia!

Tolkien Trivia (12/28/14): Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit!

End of the Year Roundup (1/4/15): The important stuff that happened in 2014!

Serial – The PodQuiz (1/11/15): Serial – The Podcast!

I’ve Created A Muenster (1/25/15): Bob’s Burgers!

Sex & The City (1/28/15): Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha & Carrie!

I’m The One Who Knocks (2/8/15): Breaking Bad 2!

Oscar Quizzery! (2/22/15): We would NOT like to thank the Academy this year.

Treat Yo Self! (3/8/15): Parks & Rec 3!

NOMO FOMO (3/22/15): Broad City!

Walking Dead (4/5/15): Walking Dead!

Downton Abbey (4/19/15): Save Isis!

Golden Girls 2 (4/22/15): Still Golden after all these years!

Toros In The Atmosphere (5/3/15): Bring It On!

Carcosa Quizzery (5/17/15): True Detective.

One Team Leaves (5/31/15): Mad Max!!!

Keep Harrenhal Weird (6/14/15): Game of Thrones!

Licence To Quiz (6/28/15): James Bond!

Triviasaurus Rex (7/19/15): Jurassic Park!

Spaced (8/2/15): Simon Pegg sitcom!

Uncancelled (8/16/15): Community!

Wet Hot American Summer (8/30/15): Can of Vegetables liiiiives!!!

The Contest (4/20/17): Seinfeld!

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica (5/4/17): The Office!

The Quiz of Dunshire (5/18/17): Parks and Recreation trivia!

Bob Beyond Freezerdome (6/1/17): Bob’s Burgers!

Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown (6/15/17): Basic Rights Oregon fundraiser!

Never Nude Support Group (6/29/17): Arrested Development!

Impin’ Ain’t Easy (7/13/17): Game of Thrones!

Sploosh! (7/27/17): Archer!

Challah Back Girls (8/10/17): Broad City!

Bonus Broad City (8/14/17): Broader City!

Your Beeswax (8/24/17): Wet Hot American Summer!

Challenge Accepted (9/7/17): How I Met Your Mother!

Cheesecake, Anyone? (9/21/17): Golden Girls!

Is It Future Or Is It Past (10/5/17): Twin Peaks!

What About Barb? (10/19/17): Stranger Things!

Horror Film Trivia (10/26/17): A fundraiser for Hollywood Theatre!

Flowers for Charlie (11/2/17): It’s Still Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

BLAM! (11/16/17): Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

Rubik’s Q*bert (11/30/17): 1980s Trivia!

Rey Of Light (12/14/17): Star Wars Trivia!

Just For Fun (5/27/18): The Office Trivia!

Festivus For The Rest Of Us (6/24/18): Seinfeld Trivia!

Bluth For Family Of The Year (7/22/18): Arrested Development!

The Gryzzl Quizzl (8/26/18): Parks & Rec!

Rick & Morty Trivia (9/23/18): Rick & Morty!

Quizerino Trivia! (10/21/18): My Favorite Murder!

Halloweenie Quizzery (10/28/18): Halloween!

Abbi, Ilana, Triviana (11/25/18): Broad City!