Meet the Teams

If you’d like to show off your team’s special wonders, just send me anything you want to represent your crew (a mission statement, origin story, favorite mollusc, official beverage, pictures, artwork, etc.), and I’ll post it all here! All rookies and veterans are welcome to submit anything you’d like. And just to set the tone, here’s a haiku from The Transplants:

“Trivia is fun.
Knowledge on display tonight.
Wrong answer: you suck.”

Asshole Casserole

Battlehorn Greywolf

Blue Velvet Underground

Dana Plato’s Republic

Dr. Spaceman

Fanny Burpers

FEAR! Fear, For Your Safety

Friends of Dean Martinez

The Fuck Facers

Genghis Khan, Motherfucker!

I Just Called To Say Fuck You

Jimmy Hat Nation

Linda Is A Whore

Midas Touch My Balls

Mothers Of Retention

Nobody Fucks With The Jesus

Paper Pushing Pamby Poos

Release The Kraken

Rhinestone Crybabies

Sausage Party

Tasty Beverage Club Trivia All-Stars


Yankee Go Home