Friends of Dean Martinez

CAP’N: Steve

Dean Martinez was one of those great visionaries that only come along once in a generation. We first met him in the late Eighties when he was just a young, but influential, loan officer with Silverado Savings and Loan. In the early Nineties he moved into the nascent field of internet IPOs, helping many young companies start internet businesses that would, sadly, later tank because of too much hype and not any profit generating ideas. Luckily, Dean moved on and diversified into real estate speculation and then senior management advice for international insurance agencies and corporate banking.

That, however, doesn’t really capture the spirit of the man.  He was always curious, always pushing us to learn more.  He would pepper us with questions like “How much does a million dollars weigh?”, “Which Carribean Island nations don’t have an extradition treaty with the United States?” and “How long does the Coast Guard search for missing vessels?”  Sadly, Dean disappeared a few years ago on a yachting trip off the coast of Florida. We will always miss him, remember him and remain: The Friends of Dean Martinez.