Midas Touch My Balls


AKA: Midas Touch My Balzac Efron, Midas Ouch! My Balls!
Where you can come to be beaten by us: Hawthorne Hideaway
The names you will cry out, followed by “Please, no!” when it hurts too much:
Theo, Jim, Eric, Amber & Amanda
The guys we call in to finish you off: Scott, Terry
What you can bribe us with to throw a question or two: Ninkasi Believer or Lagunitas IPA (at HawHide, anyway)

Midas Touch My Balls formed in 2004 as an intergalactic bocce team with the ultimate goal of winning a lawn bowling tournament in Milton, Delaware. Despite ferocious efforts on the part of the four contestants, the Balls placed dead last and were the first eliminated from the competition. It took four long years of practice, creativity, drunkenness, and fierce competition for MTMB to earn a first place finish in the 2008 Milton tournament. After this success, expansion seemed to be the logical next step in introducing America to magic of Midas Touch My Balls. Original Balls team member Jim met trivia aficionado Theo in Portland, who suggested bringing a new version of MTMB into the pub quiz world. The team recruited several additional trivia superstars to round out the obscene trivia talent pool. At press time, the Balls have won four of their nine trivia nights played at HawHide, with an additional three 2nd place showings. 2009 is proving to be another championship year for Midas Touch My Balls, one in which they vow to harness the mythical perfect music round.

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