Mothers Of Retention


The Ella Street Social Club lives in terror of The Mothers of Retention.  With 30+ wins over the course of a year, this motley crew of braniacs rules the West Side land of trivia with an iron fist.


Deidrich is the elder statesman of the Mothers.  Though Shanrock’s triviology tends to play to the Gen X and under crowd, Diedrich shames the kids when it comes to such topics as classic movies, Shakespeare and jazz.


Book Learnin’ is usually the round where the Mothers pull into their signature insurmountable lead and that’s largely due to the talents of our resident scientist.  Twice Matt has won sudden death tiebreakers with his formidable math skills.


Like a great placekicker, Jeff is a specialist and more than a few times his points on the token sports question have been the difference between a W and an L.  He is also not to be fucked with when it comes to Mel Brooks trivia.


A misspent youth watching television and listening to the devil’s rock and roll has turned this Mother into a master of pop culture.  The music round is his and all others are merely guests in his house.