Rhinestone Crybabies

AKA: Fuck You Al Gore-I’m Still Cold!, The Untouchable Field of Dreams,
A Team Named Sue
PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE US: Brittney Spears, Kevin Costner
SONGS THAT MAKE US CRY: “Wind Beneath My Wings” & “Rhinestone Cowboy”
WARNING: Do NOT challenge them to a Celtic dance-off
. . . they will jig your limey ass down!
OUTSIDE INTERESTS: Guerrilla Masquerade Party, That’s So Gay Trivia,
The Study of Truth!

We are super-awesome and surprisingly, only half of us are gay. Brad is our trivia ringer. His taint is named Natasha. Matt has two cats, CatBot5000 and RoboKitty. Nic can quote Simpsons episodes on cue. Russ thinks “Showgirls” is the best movie ever and he’s NOT gay!