Tasty Beverage Club Trivia All-Stars

Home Venue: Oliver’s (retired venue)
Favorite I Don’t Feel Tardy Selection: The Magnetic Fields
Allies: Electric Razorsharps For Greater Justice
Favorite Mollusc: Unkown

The Tasty Beverage Club Trivia All-Stars began on a rainy Wednesday night in Los Angeles, California. Okay, it wasn’t really rainy . . . I mean come on, it’s Los Angeles – does it ever really rain? Anyhow, some friends discovered a shared love of tasty, tasty beverages and delicious trivia. From there, they formed an unstoppable crime-fighting team that travelled the globe, fighting crime and attending trivia nights at every turn. In 2008, the team relocated to Portland, OR, where they have continued their rampage to this very day!