Nobody Fucks With The Jesus

HOME VENUE: Hawthorne Hideaway

Where did “The Jesus” come from? Such a a question has perplexed
theologians for millenia. “The Jesus” is just a man, contrary to the
Council of Nicea; and this particular “jesus” has been playing pub trivia
for years. After dabbling for some time on teams and alone, mostly at the
now defunct and sorely missed Beaulahland trivia night, he took a hiatus to
a country that knew almost nothing of pubs, less of pub culture, and nothing
(and I mean NOTHING!) of pub trivia.

After braving numerous privations and revolutions he returned home to
Stumptown. A new apartment afforded geographic proximity to one of
ShanRock’s venues. Unaware, after many months overseas, he stumbled upon
trivia! Alone, faced with picking a team name,and with the clock ticking,
he looked to his favorite movie to find something worthy of Portland’s
trivia juggernauts. He thought, ” It must be witty. It should be cult. It
can be topical and/or sarcastic. And, profanity always helps!”. There may
or may not have been a star above the Hideaway that night (although rarely
he IS joined by the Maji), no bar-room births, and, by all reckoning, no
livestock present, but the name kind of stuck.

In reality, I’m just a high school teacher of Chemistry, Physics, History,
and civics. A Persian Gulf vet, a Peace Corps vet, and a lifetime
traveller. Happy to share, he is always open to regular
teammates….especially those well versed in rap/hip-hop and literature!

P.S. Willocalypse are pussies!


John (aka The Jesus)