Margaret has been playing since the dawn of Triviology as a member of the legendary Battlehorn Greywolf, and was the first person ever to host a quiz for me. For years, she hosted the quizzery at our beloved Foggy Notion, and now she’s relaunching the quiz at the same venue, which is now The Lombard Pub! Her favorite mollusk is The Oyster. I’d guess that the colon is her favorite internal organ, but I could be wrong about that.

Three are accurate, one is false – which of these does NOT accurately describe Margaret?

a) she knit herself a bikini
b) she smokes Swisher Sweet cigars
c) she has attended several Lebowskifests
d) she has appeared on “Jeopardy!”

Don’t take my word for it about how awesome Margaret is – here’s testimony from a member of Rage Against The Miami Sound Machine: “She was seamless, clear, gave plenty of time for questions . . . everything a player wants in a trivia jockey!” True dat.