Naked Airplane Landing

WE had a great debut at Foggy Notion, with a decisive victory for Especially in the Mornings, and a round of shots as a donkey prize for team Tarf Tarf! And if you want Mo’ Margaret, join her for Naked Airplane trivia tonight at Ella Street Social Club. As you probably gathered from the title of the quiz, you only need be familiar with Airplane and The Naked Gun films to excel at this quiz, an homage to the late Leslie Nielsen.

This month brings us to my 6th anniversary of ShanRock’s Triviology, which means that the 2011 Clash of the Trivia Titans draws near! The COTT is our annual trivia tournament, in which teams compete for tons of engraved trophies and prizes. This year’s festivities will be held on Sunday, February 20th, at our usual special event venue, The Spare Room, probably starting about 5 PM. Here’s how it works . . . first, teams will compete in the Olympian Open, which is like a standard Triviology quiz, but without the Whammy or Let’s Get Physical challenge. The top scoring teams get trophies and prizes, and THE highest scoring team becomes the wild card seed to compete in the Titan Invitational (same format as The Olympian Open), which is held right after the Half Time Show. The Titan Invitational is a competition between the teams that have won the most throughout the trivia season (the whole year since the last Clash) – this competition is for even bigger trophies and prizes, not to mention the title of Titan team of the year (current champions are I Smell A Clambake).

Last year, any team with 12 wins or more was invited to officially participate in the Titan Invitational (anybody is welcome to participate just for fun), and as always, this year’s qualifying number will be higher (due to more venues, more competitors, etc.). I will announce the magic number soon, but there are at least five teams that already have over 20 wins under their belts – you guys are in for sure. If you are aiming for Titanship and want to double check your win tally, let me know how many victories you have to make sure we’re on the same page – feel free to use my hall of fame as a reference.

If you want to rack up some more victories quickly, your best bet is to play at slower venues. So tonight, for example, you might want to play Triviology at Da’ Hui with Michele, while enjoying an amazing pulled pork sandwich. Or, if you’re looking for a Tuesday night win, check out John G‘s trivia stylings at Beauty Bar. And finally, if you like to start your weekend early, go get your quiz on with Kyle at Kenton Club while you still can. You see, Kyle is retiring from the trivia jockey business . . . he’s going to focus his energies on things less trivial, like his website, I’m sure he’ll still be lurking around, trying to be the Best Shit-Talker in the land, but he’s only going to host a couple more nights at Kenton before John G takes over, so go heckle him, why don’t you?

I’m closing out the first newsletter of 2011 with a couple of shout-outs. First of all, Erica, our excellent barkeep at East Burn, just told me that you Triviologists are her very best customers all week long – polite, fun, & good tippers. Thanks for being so awesome to my team-mate (I definitely consider the bartenders part of my crew – we need them to help make the fun)! And finally, The Lucky Lemmings may not have taken home the gold at Hutch on Holgate last week, but they easily kicked ass with a highest per capita score:

Upcoming special events to mark in your 2011 calendars:

I Heart Oregon Quiz!
Mon, Feb 7th @ 7:00
Ella Street Social Club @ 714 SW 20th Place
Hosted by Margaret

*Celebrating Oregon’s 152nd birthday!

Oscar Quiz Night!
Sun, Feb 27th
East Burn @ 1800 E. Burnside
Hosted by ShanRock
*Stick around after the quiz to watch the Academy Awards on the big screen!

Triviology champions for the week of 12/25/10 – 12/30/10:

Breakfast of Champions!
Saturday @ 2 PM
500 SE 8th
*no quiz on Xmas Day!

Sunday @ 6:00
1800 East Burnside

Monday @ 7:00
714 SW 20th Place

Monday @ 8:00
6504 SE Foster

Tuesday @ 7:00

Cruzroom (w/Michele)

2338 NE Alberta

Tuesday @ 7:00
111 SW Ash

Tuesday @ 7:30
Sewickly’s (w/ShanRock … & cash prizes!)
4901 SE Hawthorne

Tuesday @ 8:00
609 & 1/2 SE Taylor
Wednesday @ 8:00
4606 NE Glisan

Wednesday @ 8:00
4515 SE 41st

Wednesday @ 8:30 *Debut!
3416 N. Lombard

Wednesday @ 8:30
2524 SE Clinton

Thursday @ 9:00
2025 N. Kilpatrick

Thursday @ 9:00
301 SE Morrision

Thanks for playing the quizzery with me!

Your trivia jockey,

Shannon Donaldson
ShanRock’s Triviology
(503) 957-7806

“Materialism is a disease of the mind starved for ideas.” -Jacob Needleman

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