ShanRock on Funemployment Radio! I appear in Episode #413, quizzing the crew on Seinfeld trivia, Episode #456, being quizzed by the crew on Freaks & Geeks trivia, and Episode #531 going head to head in a Pee Wee Herman challenge.

KGW video clip on Harry Potter night at Ella Street Social Club.

KGW video clip with Matt Zaffino at Ella Street Social Club.
(I come across as the Madame Defarge of the trivia world!)

Portland Mercury PDX Approved 2014: Four out of the Top Ten
Favorite Bars for Trivia are Triviology venues!

Favorite Trivia Night in the 2011 Portland Mercury Reader’s Choice Survey!

Portland Mercury, April 28, 2011: “friendliest host…

Portland Mercury, April 13, 2006: you could do worse.”

Portland Monthly Best Bar to Play in 2010: La Merde!

2012 GQ Men of the Year issue; Triviology represents Portland pub quizzery!

Willamette Week Pick of the Week, February 4th, 2010:
Clash of the Trivia Titans 2010

WW Drink Guide 2009’s Top 5 Trivia Nights (Sewickly’s): “ShanRock reigns supreme as Portland’s trivia queen.”

Willamette Week: Best of Portland 2007

Willamette Week, October 10, 2006:
more personality than you can handle!

Willamette Week Drink Issue 2005:
ShanRock’s Triviology is the lauded “killer compound” at Peter’s 19th Hole.

The Sentinel: Best Entertainer in North Portland 2007

The Oregonian A & E, July 30, 2010: BrightLife!

The Oregonian A & E, November 27, 2009: fun & games in Portland pubs!

The Columbian, September 1, 2008: Beer and Brains!

Portland Tribune, February 16, 2012: Q & A

Portland Tribune, February 23, 2007: The Clash of the Trivia Titans 2007.

This gorgeous illustration was created by Lukas Ketner for Willamette Week.