Stumped in Stumptown!

I’ve got to hand it to you guys – you really know Portland! Last week was Birthday Smackdown Week, and I chose our own fair city as the topic for you to challenge me with at each quiz. Most of you guys stumped me with questions about our fair city that were tough but fair, interesting and fun. And on Thursday’s 90210 quiz night, every single team earned a point off of me, for I let folks ask me questions about Beverly Hills 90210 – about which I know nothing! There were two teams that had amazingly awesome costumes, one of whom I eagerly await to receive pictures from. The other decked-out team, Brenda’s Rebellious Combat Boots, included the lovely Sarah X. Dylan. Way to rock forth while looking good, ladies!

Big Announcement of the Week #1: Jade Lounge will be open for Labor Day quizzery tomorrow; Ella Street Social Club will NOT.

Big Announcement of the Week #2: Tonight will be the final night that Yurs Bar & Grill Triviology will be held on a Sunday. With the advent of football season, we are making a move to Wednesday nights, starting on September 15th. Fear not, we’ll still be situated in the cozy cave, Jon will still be your terrific trivia jockey, and $50 to the bar will still be the sweet prize!

Big Announcement of the Week #3: I have sealed the deal on my newest Triviology venue – ladies and gentlemen, I present The WorkShop Pub! This bar opened last year, right next to the Clinton Street Theater, and is full of fine brews & Southern foods. Charlene will be your host at this venue, which debuts on September the 22nd at 8:30, and will continue onwards on every other Wednesday as well.
Upcoming special events:

Fundraiser for ECO
Tuesday, September 21st, 7 – 10
The Beauty Bar @111 SW Ash
$5 per player donation to Ecology in Classrooms & Outdoors
Hosted by ShanRock

The Sassiest Quiz In America!
Monday, October 4th @ 7:00
Ella St. Social Club @ 714 SW 20th Place
Hosted by Margaret
*Jump back in time 20 years for an evening of trivia devoted to the greatest teen magazine in the history of the world – Sassy!

Annual BarFly Brain Drain Trivia Bus!
Saturday, October 16th
$100 prize to the champion team!
Hosted by ShanRock

Triviology champions for the week of 8/29/10 – 9/2/10:

Sunday @ 6:00
1800 East Burnside

Sunday @ 8:00
717 NW 16th

Monday @ 7:00
714 SE 20th Place

Monday @ 7:00
2342 SE Ankeny

Tuesday @ 7:30
Sewickly’s (w/ShanRock … & cash prizes!)
4901 SE Hawthorne

Tuesday @ 8:00
609 & 1/2 SE Taylor

Wednesday @ 8:00
4606 NE Glisan

Wednesday @ 8:00
4515 SE 41st

Thursday @ 9:00
2025 N. Kilpatrick

Thursday @ 9:00 *90210 Trivia Night!
301 SE Morrision

Thanks for making beautiful trivia with me, people!

Your trivia jockey,

Shannon Donaldson
ShanRock’s Triviology
(503) 957-7806

“Materialism is a disease of the mind starved for ideas.” -Jacob Needleman

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