The Dawn Of A New Trivia Season

The smoke has cleared, the dust has settled . . . and there is STILL a doctor in the house! Congratulations to Dr. Spaceman . . .

. . . for reigning supreme at the ultimate trivia tournament: The Clash of The Trivia Titans!! There were many champions on this night, but Dr. Spaceman was the king of the hill! Of their champion scarves, Virginia, the masked Spaceman, says this: “The scarf warms my neck AND my heart!”

I apologize for the belated nature of this week’s newsletter – I know you’ve been very curious about the results of the tournament. My goal was to have all of the videos and pictures posted and ready to go for you to peruse, but for pete’s sake, it’s Tuesday, and I’m still not done yet! I’ve posted lots of pictures on my MySpace page, and I will soon get around to Facebook too, and maybe even put up a whole page of COTT results on my website. If you took any pictures you’d be willing to share, please let me know, and I’ll post them, too. Next week’s newsletter will have the full results, along with some of your hilarious comments from the survey you guys took, but for now, taste the magic of . . .
Nomi Malone Dance Academy

Since we are indeed in the dawn of a brand new trivia season, allow me to make a humble suggestion to you. To get a fresh start for the new year, it may well behoove you to try to rack up some wins NOW, so that you can qualify early for next year’s tournament. That way, you can lollygag around while other teams sweat it out, trying to snag wins at the last minute while the competition is tough (this is the Nomi Malone Dance Academy method – it leaves time for dance rehearsal!). Your best chance of doing that is to attend the great BrentBird’s Triviology night, 9:00 at The Kenton Club in NoPo. And, to sweeten the pot, this Thursday, in addition to the regular prizes at this venue, Brent will award a ShanRock’s Triviology T-shirt to each member of the winning team! These T-shirts will not generally be offered as prizes, but for the good people at The Kenton Club, I will make an exception this week. If you’d like to buy one buy one of these beauties . . .

. . . they’ll run you $13 a pop, which is a fantastic deal for these supersoft, pre-shrunk, 100% combed cotton American Apparel goodies (boring old logoless ones would run you $17!). I’ve got male sizes in M, L & XL, and female cut sizes in M & XL (also, the female XL works great as a small male size – for serious!).

Finally, film fans, remember that this Sunday is The Academy Awards, and that I’ll be hosting about an hour of Oscar-themed trivia before we watch the ceremonies on the big screen! The quiz will start at about 3:30, and the Oscars are at 5:00. The winner gets an engraved trophy (The Peter O’Toole!) and a gift certificate to East Burn, the host venue, and I’ll also have a prize for the best Oscar themed costume OR red carpet outfit. I can’t wait to see you there! In fact, I’m going to go work on my costume . . . ShanRock OUT!

Here are the champions for the week of 2/9/09 – 2/12/09:

Monday @ 8:00
Hawthorne Hideaway
2221 SE Hawthorne

Tuesday @ 7:30
4901 SE Hawthorne

Wednesday @ 8:00
Peter’s 19th Hole
5701 NE Fremont

Wednesday @ 8:00
The Hutch
4606 NE Glisan

Thursday @ 9:00
La Merde
301 SE Morrison

Thursday @ 9:00
Kenton Club
2025 N. Kilpatrick

Thanks so much for playing with me, everybody!

Your trivia jockey,

Shannon Donaldson
ShanRock’s Triviology: Willamette Week Best of Portland
(503) 957 – 7806

“Materialism is a disease of the mind starved for ideas.” – Jacob Needleman

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