Zach’s Shack

4611 SE Hawthorne
(503) 233 – 4616
Portland, OR
Thursdays @ 8:00

Once upon a time, Zach and ShanRock worked as mad scientists together. Then, they each started their own successful businesses. Now, those businesses are united in awesomeness! Zach’s Shack ain’t just wieners, people – they got booze, they got fries, they got ping-pong, they got beer, they got veggie dogs, they got Pac-Man, they got Jalapeno poppers! Oh…and they got quizzery! Your dapper trivia jockey at this venue is John Doyle.

In this photo, Brad is thumbs-downing ShanRock for forcing him to eat hot peppers. Don’t worry; we won’t make you do that at trivia! Probably not, anyway . . .