Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown!

It is ON, bitches! The Queers vs. Breeders Trivia Showdown is tomorrow (Saturday), so it is time to get fabulous. I am teaming up with Michelle of That’s So Gay Trivia to host this mini trivia tournament at The Spare Room (4830 NE 42nd); showtime is 6:00, cost is $0.00! Willamette Week, in their ultimate wisdom, has taken note of this special event, and so should you. Michelle and I will take turns proctoring our signature rounds – hers will include Oh No She Didn’t (timely celebrity trivia), Picture Pages (photo ID of “gay” celebrities), and Trivioke (you fill in missing lyrics to songs). Put together a team of five or less, and “pick a side”: “queer” or “breeder.” Your actual sexual orientations make no difference . . . I myself and a “queeder.” But what is “Gay Trivia”? Here is Michelle’s definition:

“That’s So Gay Trivia is trivia about all things fabulous!  Gay Triva is a sparkly, glittter-filled trivia game with a focus on current celebrity trivia.  Can you recognize Kirstie Allie in both her skinny and fat states? Do you know, right at this moment, if Linsay Lohan and SamRon are dating or broken up?  Can you finish the lyrics to Wind Beneath My Wings?  If the answer to any of these questions is, ‘Hell, yes, Girl!’, then That’s So Gay Trivia is for you!”

Next week, Monday the 27th, brings the official debut of my newest venue, Ella Street Social Club, and my newest trivia jockey, Kyle! We have settled on 6:00 as go time – this way, you can double-dip on Mondays, by heading on over to Hawthorne Hideaway for a second quiz at 8:00 with fresh questions. Also, it is time for the re-launch of Lunar Quizzery! Over the holidays, I went on hiatus from this monthly thematic quiz held on Saturday evenings at Peter’s 19th Hole, but the return is nigh! Kyle will be your host on Saturday, May 2nd at 7:00, and the theme is partially up to you! Which of these awesome TV shows would you like to spend a whole quiz on – “Lost” or “Arrested Development”? I know it’s hard to choose – they’re both so bitchin’! Let me know your preference, and we’ll make it happen.

Here are the Triviology champions for the week of 4/12/09 – 4/16/09:

Sunday @ 6:00
1800 E. Burnside
*no quiz tonight – Easter Sunday

Sunday @ 9:00
1204 SE Clay

Monday @ 8:00
2221 SE Hawthorne

Tuesday @ 7:30
4901 SE Hawthorne

Wednesday @ 8:00
5701 NE Fremont

Wednesday @ 8:00
4606 NE Glisan

Thursday @ 9:00
2025 N. Kilpatrick



Thursday @ 9:00
301 SE Morrison

Thanks so much for playing ShanRock’s trivia, everybody!

Your trivia jockey,

Shannon Donaldson
ShanRock’s Triviology

“Materialism is a disease of the mind starved for ideas.” -Jacob Needleman

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