Cast the Votes for the 2010 Trivia Season!

Election Day is nigh – it is time to cast your votes for The 2010 Clash of The Trivia Titans! This is a fun, short survey which gives you the chance to tell me who your favorites are – teams, bars, bartenders, etc. The polls will be open until about noon next Sunday, February 28th, which is also the day of the tournament. You may vote at any Triviology venue this week instead of completing the online survey, if you prefer – my TJs and I have ballots. However, the paper ballots are merely a condensed version of the full voting process – if you vote online instead, you’ll be able to offer more input.

I will hand out many an engraved trophy, not to mention all kinds of prizes (Barfly bus tickets, oodles of gift certificates, a free, customized ShanRock’s Triviology quiz, and more!). Oh, and everyone who shells out the $5 to play will get a lovely green ShanRock’s Triviology beer cozy! That $5, by the way, is for the whole day – Titans can come early and play the Olympian Open (at 5:30) as a warm-up, and Olympians can stick around after their competition to play in the Titan-ship (at 8:00), just for fun. Here is a small sampling of the trophies I will award:

You definitely want to be in the house for the “half-time show” (around 7:30) – this is easily one of my favorite portions of the day. This is your chance to introduce your team, in any way you see fit, to compete for the “Spirit Bunny Award” (determined by applause). This trophy used to be called “Best Costumes,” but that title just didn’t properly convey the team spirit inherent in this category. The names is inspired by the Spirit Bunny Pep Squad from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. A quick note on The Underdog Award, the only category in which I will cast a vote. You may certainly vote for any team you wish, but you should know that I am very unlikely to bestow this trophy upon a Titan team, as the award is intended to honor a stalwart team who continues to compete despite their lack of victories.

In next week’s newsletter, I will send out the final list of this year’s Titans – you still have four more chances this week to qualify for the Invitational, and there are at least a couple of teams who are very close. All you Olympians out there should take heart – remember that only YOU have the chance to win TWO sets of trivia trophies and prizes, since the champion of The Open becomes the wild card in The Titan Invitational!

Everyone be sure to grab a Willamette Week on Wednesday – they are doing something special for the COTT in the HeadOut section!

Upcoming special events:
Sunday, Feb. 28th (w/ShanRock)
*Olympian Open at 5:30; Titan Invitational at 8:00
Canuck Quizzery!
Monday, Mar. 1st @ 7:00
Ella Street Social Club (w/Margaret)
*Challenge your knowledge of The Great White North!
Oscar Quiz Night!
Sunday, Mar. 7th @ 3:30
East Burn (w/ShanRock)
*Stick around to watch the Academy Awards after the quiz!

Triviology champions for the week of 2/14/10 – 2/18/10:

Sunday @ 6:00

1800 E. Burnside

Monday @ 7:00

714 SE 20th Place

Monday @ 8:00

2221 SE Hawthorne


Tuesday @ 7:30
Sewickly’s (w/cash prizes & ShanRock!)
4901 SE Hawthorne

Tuesday @ 8:00
9920 NE Cascades Parkway

Wednesday @ 8:00
4606 NE Glisan

Wednesday @ 8:00
4515 SE 41st

Wednesday @ 8:00
5701 NE Fremont

Thursday @ 9:00
2025 N. Kilpatrick

Thursday @ 9:00
Thanks for playing with me, everybody!

Your trivia jockey,

Shannon Donaldson
ShanRock’s Triviology
(503) 957-7806

“Materialism is a disease of the mind starved for ideas.” -Jacob Needleman

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